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Our answers to your questions:


service-1How to introduce and improve sales and purchase channels?

The first step is to review all of your existing purchase and sales channels. Based on the result we try to improve existing processes and implement established improvements into your e-commerce environment. We customise and develop business-to-business applications in accordance with your needs and demands. Our common goal is to make a step forward and create value-added services. Development is based on IBM WebSphere Commerce software.


How to achieve higher business efficiency?

Do you want to rationalise your business processes? With extended knowledge of technology, combined with business skills, we can provide you with quick and effective business process rationalisation. Our projects are designed to maintain focus on rationalisation and automatisation of existing processes. In this way we are able to achieve higher business efficiency. Our history is built on tailor-made applications that have helped us produce great success stories. Their focal points are leading-edge technologies, integration of differing back-office systems and high professional standards. Take a look at our client reviews!


How to connect different systems and applications?

Where use is made of different applications within or outside of your company, you can easily speed-up the work of your employees, customers and suppliers by connecting those applications with our help. In this way you are able to keep your data and processes centralised and informational resources unified, all within your business and IT environment. This means a reduction in the duplication of work and number of errors, and you are able to finally take full advantage of your existing IT infrastructure. System integration and application integration are based on web services and messaging systems technology.


How to simplify your business and cut down operational costs?

After preliminary analysis of your business situation, we can develop an effective applicative solution that would be of most benefit to you . First, we suggest possible solutions for business optimisation and then the technologically established improvements are implemented. Our goal is to introduce modern and reliable applications that will help you improve productivity, business efficiency and reduce costs.


How to start the process of purchasing new software or hardware solutions?

If you need advice about selection of hardware for workstations and servers, we can help. We are authorised to sell IBM hardware and software and have specialists that can answer any of your questions related to IBM Power servers and other systems.


How to optimise business processes?

Do you feel that your business is incurring more and more expenses? It is important for you to know that we do things differently. We focus on your existing technology and business processes, and take full advantage of your existing opportunities. Then, and only if necessary, we combine them with new technology.

Did you know that 73% of clients do not exploit the full potential of their IT infrastructure?


How can you make the most of your existing IT staff?

For most companies the need to reduce costs has meant that existing IT staff are used to a broader extent to support IT solutions. For good and long-term performance of a company, it is crucial to have a good system of training and education, development and operational personnel. This ensures you are able to take full advantage of your personnel’s existing potential and consequently accelerate your business processes and reduce operating/business costs in the long-term.


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